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its such a fine line [entries|friends|calendar]
Our ♥ Syringes

pile it up! pile it high on the platter!
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THC [ 12/13 09; ♥]

hey does anyone know what the street cost for Dronabinol 10...the THC drug is?
last night...

How I Hate My Greatest Love [ 10/22 09; ♥]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Treating my arms like a pin cushion really has taken its tole. I can hardly bare to look at them. Does it toy with anyone else mind as much as mine? How you can hate and love the same thing so much? That needle full of heroin has taken so much from me and I hate it for that but still I will do anything to get the next one. It's a head fuck to me.

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[ 10/16 09; ♥]

yea so in new york trying to find...desperatly.....get at me
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new member [ 6/19 09; ♥]

hey all...any body in here from the north florida area like up near tallahassee?

I just moved here from Miami and can't seem to find any ffriends whatsoever

everyone around here is into meth (yuck) or just drinks themselves into a stupor all day long
last night...

pin it to me... [ 4/21 09; ♥]

I'm agitated and anxious. Tomorrow I start the Methadone program here in Minneapolis. I woke up and something was poking me in the chest. I put my hand in my bra and nothing can be mistaken about the feel of that orange cap and plunger... so I had a syringe in my bra and I can't be sure how it got there. I took a shower yesterday... yet I have no recollection of placing it there. odd thing is, it was on my left side... is this symbolic? that the closest thing to my heart is a fucking rig? oh.. and a blue tie.. the tie that binds me as I like to say. hehehe..

anybody in Minneapolis? probably not.. but hey, I'm here and my connection is SUPREME. (kiss)
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hi [ 4/11 09; ♥]

hey im new here and have been on and off shit for the last  six months. lately though im having the worst cravings. Anyone around in Lake Forest, CA? or willing to mail it??? hit me up.
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[ 1/25 09; ♥]

Anyone near Orlando FL?
I'm moving there in a couple of weeks.
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New Here [ 6/6 08; ♥]

So I just joined this community, however have been clean from the needle for over a year, because the way shit was going for me. I believe it Heroin was available in a controlled setting like it is in Europe, United States wouldn't have the homeless, criminal junkies, Studies have shown that long term opiate users, who have the opportunity to attend a Heroin Maintence Program, or recieve a script, (As in parts of Europe it's allowed) Users actually are successful in life. They are normal average day to day people. They just need heroin to keep them normal. It's like a MMT clinic but better, as lots of Addcts fail on that as well. Luckily for me I am on Methadone, and it's saved my life. Granted there are times when I sure the hell do miss that needle piercing my skin, but I have been the most stable I've been in my life and the most content. I'm really for all harm reduction Methods. As the "War on Drugs" here in America is so unsuccessful. Most long term opiate addicts will never be able to quit as permenant brain Chemistry Changes have resulted from their Use. I'm happy to be a part of this group even if I'm clean from Needles right now. i can still relate. I also am not sure if any one here else is on Methadone and I'm certaintly not trying to steal people away from this group, but I have an MMT support group if anyone is interested about going on Methadone, or is on Methadone. Those who are on other harm reduction treatment are welcome too. Suboxone, Heroin, Methadone LAAM etc.....The name of the group is MMTPretty, you can find it by searching Methadone in the search results. Anyways, I hope everyone has a fucking fantastic day!
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[ 3/29 08; ♥]

Woah, I'm high. Chatting it with eus and Athena on the mountains kind of high. Lennon's here too, apparently he was greek.

And.. I just looked out the window and realized I'm still in Houston. When the fuck does that end?

x-post. if capable of figuring that shit out.
last night...

[ 3/1 08; ♥]

i feel like i want to die right now.
big codiene binge last night & while i'm a regular user, i have never ever had a withdrawal like this. i slept basically all day, twitching, sweaty fever, every time i open my eyes i get a rush of vomit up my esophagous, raspy cough & overall lethargy.
i've been in rehab for cocaine & even then i didn't experience anything as intense as this. i've IVed smack a bunch & honestly have never felt this shitty.

how the fuck do you guys cope?
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