its such a fine line

i h♥te to see it go

Our ♥ Syringes
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burned out your sinuses? found a full syringe in a motel...and used it?
thought you were an orange while on acid and peeled your skin?
chased a police dog for a bag of coke? did jail time?
slipped opium into your grandma's tea because she was being a bitch?
always wondered how much syd barrett reaaaally did?

share your most embarassing, humiliating, shocking, and even lame drug stories.
or share someone elses, your friends, an infamous rockstar,
we'll share ours too.
come on it'll be fun.
everyone's doing it


a. do not be a bitch, which means personal attacks and/or accusations of any kind.
if you think someone is full of shit, then thats fine; the mods will do their job.
if you just feel like being a bitch, do it somewhere else, we're all friends here this is
not a soap opera.

b. do not lie or exaggerate your story. it doesnt matter how cool or uncool it is,
we will appreciate the truth more than some outlandish story that is obviously a lie.

c. you can promote in this community if it has something to do with the topic,
and if you ask the mods for permission.
you also need to say in said entry that you
were given permission. if we dont want the promotion here, then you cant promote it.
simple as that. if we dont do this, then every other update will be some ad for some
community that is obviously less cool than this one.

d. always put your story in and lj-cut. always put your story in an lj-cut.
stories tend to be long, we dont want members complaining.
you can learn how to make and lj-cut here.

e. share your stories! party on! this community has to have active members,
and we expect you to post as much as you can! anything regarding drug stories is
welcomed with open arms! DO NOT HOLD BACK; let us know the whole story!

MADAM LORENA; 11dollarbills
; the elevens
; the.elevens@gmail.com

MADAM NICOLE; brownstoneblues
; kissingdylan
; kissingdylan@yahoo.com

promoting is always great for a community, here are some banners you can save into your computer,
and either place on your info, in your journal, or in another community. spread the word, spread the fun.
we share our syringes.